Low Creep Fire Clay Bricks For Carbon Baking Furnace

September 10, 2018

Low Creep Fire Clay Bricks For Carbon Baking Furnace

Low creep fire clay bricks are made of special grade clinker, supplemented by special additives. They are formed by high pressure molding and high temperature firing, and have the advantages of large heat storage capacity and small creep rate. The matching hot blast stove suitable for large, medium and small blast furnaces is mainly used in the middle and lower wall of heat storage, the lower lattice brick, and the support string.

With special grade gemstone, mullite and andalusite as the main raw materials, using the three-stage batching and mixing fine grinding, the measured physical and chemical properties of high-quality hot-blast bricks and products can all meet the requirements of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Japanese products are similar, reaching the product specifications of similar foreign products.

The low creep fire clay bricks manufactured by our company have the best quality, low creep rate, fire resistance under high load, volume stability and good slag resistance. They are widely used in blast furnace carbon oven firewalls and hot air stove. The special design of brick shape makes the bricks combined closely, thus enhancing the sealing of the wall and baking furnace insulation effect, reducing energy consumption, that relized construction and installation mechanization, construction convenient reducing labor intensity effectively.The following table shows the physical and chemical indicators of the low creep fire clay bricks we provide:









Bending strength




Creep rate



Low Creep

Fire Clay


42~53 1.6 2.2 12~18 70 10 1480
Remark ISO Certificated; Customized