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About jundao

Jundao (Henan) New Materials Co.,Ltd (For short: JUNDAO) was registered in April 2006 at Yuecun Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province of People’s Republic of China, one of the key enterprises in refractory industry in China. Basing on refractory materials as the main raw material, JUNDAO produces fireclay, high-Al, corundum, mullite series of high load, low creep, high density, low porosity refractory bricks, series of light insulation, high crushing strength, acid and alkali resistant refractory materials. It’s business covering refractory materials, products quality testing, information service, industrial kilns design, consulting and contraction. JUNDAO is a well-known supplier in refractory field in China for its large scale, environmental protection and high level equipment. The company founder, Mr. Haijun Wang already had 18 years’ experience in the refractory brick industry at the time of the component company. The company appointed and employed the well-known expert named Zhengquan Shi as the technical adviser, and established technology R&D center for the production and new products and materials’ research. The main managers in different divisions of the company are all have the corresponding senior or middle professional titles. They have professional ability to communicate with customers timely and can handle with customers’ demands effectively. Also there are specialists who are responsible for the customers’ after-sales work.


The company actively fulfills the social responsibilities. According to GB/T 24001 (Environmental management system requirements and guidelines) and GB/T 28001(Occupational health and safety management system specification), JUNDAO has established environment and occupational health and safety management system to do the job of good environmental protection, pollution prevention, energy conservation and emission reduction, occupational health and safety hazard control, eliminated the high energy consumption of old kiln furnaces. After having designed and built the gas tunnel kiln with environmental friendly and fully automatic controlled high temperature, JUNDAO got a comprehensive annual output of 70,000 tons of high quality refractory capacity, achieved the goal on environmental standards and rational utilization of resources and had been assessed as conforming to meet the requirements of GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015, which promoted the sustainable development of company. The company purchased a large number of advanced and international testing equipment to research new materials and test products quality, which promoted all of product to meet the design requirements.


At present, the refractory products can satisfy the domestic main high-temperature furnace market's needs, and JUNDAO has long-term cooperation with large state-owned enterprises, such as Chinalco, NFC, and Sinosteel etc. In addition, JUNDAO actively develops the international market, and has exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other foreign countries’ large-scale projects, which has improved the company's reputation.

About Us

JUNDAO uses “Synchronizing with scientific and Technological Development and associating with advanced technology” as the purpose of the enterprise, giving full play to the technical advantages of the company’s technology, and constantly improving the quality of service, introducing ,promoting advanced technology, and we are committed to the development of high, refined, top products. Use “High efficiency, superior performance” as business goal to achieve the development of enterprise and social service goals and further development.


Why choose us?

The quality assurance system consists of the following steps.

Years experiences in refractory industry

Since the year our company entered into the refractory industry, till now, we have about 20 years experiences in this field, and never stopped.


Professional technical team

We appointed National refractory association well-known expert as our technical consultant, middle and senior managers to service our customers, and established R&D center for new products' research.


Advance production equipment

Our factory has one fully automatic controlled high temp gas tunnel kiln (1700℃) and one high temp shuttle kiln (1750℃), getting an annual output 70,000 tons of high quality refractory products.


Strict production line

From the raw material to finished products, we set Quality Management System, producing high quality products according to chemical & physical specifications strictly to satisfy customers' needs.


Provide you the best services

We have well-known technical advisers to give you the best advice, professional team to make timely communication with you, creative R & D team to cater to your needs, on-site guidance if necessary.


Quote you the most competitive price

We’ll give you the best quotation according to products of different specifications and market demands, make you buy the most suitable products at the most reasonable price.